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Five Ways to Balance Your Bridal Budget with Flowers

Whether your budget is big, small - or you’re still working out the numbers - as a Fairfield

County, Connecticut-based floral designer who works with brides- and grooms-to-be every day, I’ve come to realize that there are several things to consider to make the most of your budget. Weddings are a big expense and there are lots of items you’re spending on, but when it comes to flowers, I’ve zeroed in on five ways to best balance your bridal budget with flowers.

My top five are:

#1. Keep an Open Mind

If you don’t have an unlimited budget, my first recommendation is to keep an open mind when it comes to flower selections. Perhaps there is a flower that you would absolutely love to have in your bouquet, or in your centerpieces and it’s a bloom that is going to bring your bouquet and centerpiece prices way up. If this happens, remember that you have options. Your florist can help guide you towards a similar bloom that will create the same look and feel, without the high cost associated with your first choice.

#2. Decide Where You Want to Stop the Show

This one is simple - with the potential of flowers adorning so many important people and places on your wedding day - decide where you want to stop the show. If the ritual of the ceremony is closest to your heart, make your big floral statement there. If the reception is where the real celebration will be for you, then that’s where you’ll want to flow the majority of your floral budget to make the biggest impact. Maybe you can’t “have it all”, but you don’t need to, and your florist can show you how.

#3. Repurpose!

If after communicating your floral wishes to your florist and you realize you may be moving beyond your budget, fear not: you can repurpose! Talk to your floral designer to see if an arch or other ceremony flowers can be moved to be used by the sweetheart or welcome table at the reception. Perhaps instead of having the bridal bouquets ending up who-knows-where by the time the dancing begins, have them placed in vases on a mantle or the dessert table. I have employed these strategies many times to help maximize my brides’ budgets. I would always rather the couple be happy than feel they are missing out on a certain look or feel they were envisioning - and many times, all it takes is a little creativity to make it happen.

#4. Don’t Take Personal Flowers Too Personally

Personal flowers, such as boutonnieres and corsages, can add up quickly - especially if you have a larger bridal party and want moms and grandmothers to have flowers, too. However, ask yourself if having florals for so many people is important to you OR if it’s one of those traditions that you feel you have no choice but to do? These costs can add up so quickly, and if you feel the gesture is truly meaningful and important to you, then think no further. But many brides are moving away from these personal flowers to flow more into other elements, such as a larger installation, that pack more of a punch. There is no right or wrong answer about this, but I’d urge you not to take the choice too personally, but simply decide whether it’s important to you and take it from there.

#5. Preserve What You Can

You might feel that flowers are a hugely important element to your wedding day, and of course my completely biased opinion is that you’re not wrong! However, I know it can feel challenging to put a sizable portion of your bridal budget towards flowers that will only be used for one day and night. To that I say, preservation is your friend! Ask which vessels go home with your florist, and which can go home with your guests so you can encourage your company to go home with an arrangement. Or, if you want to enjoy your flowers long after your big day, check out companies like Framed Florals. They do a gorgeous job of pressing, preserving and framing your florals to enjoy for years to come.

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